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Submission guidelines for abstracts

Deadline for abstracts submission: March 16th, 2018

All materials must be provided by the authors: the presentation summaries, abstracts, posters and the inclusion of one or more authors in each project or summary is under the criteria and responsibility of the main author. The Organizing Committee understands that when any material or work has been sent, in case there are co-authors, the principal author counts on their authorization.

Either the Congress´s conferences or the poster´s exhibition area would be photographed or recorded, understanding that if you are in the common areas, such as the poster´s exhibition area, it´s authorized recording these images and could be spread by the conventional non-commercial media: press, tv, internet, etc.


The principal author must be registered in the Congress before April 13th, 2018

The deadline for submitting abstract is: March 16th, 2018.

  • An e-mail address is compulsory in order to receive information about the abstract via on-line.
  • The main author must appear in first place in the list of authors registered on the website.
  • Only those abstracts not published in other conferences or scientific journals will be accepted.
  • All accepted abstracts will be presented as Posters. However, the Scientific Committee will select 10 of them to be presented as Oral Communications.
  • The abstract submission will be done under the complete acceptance of all these criteria. The Scientific Committee could reject any abstract , if it is not adapted to any of these criteria.
  • Abstract acceptance or rejection will be notified by e-mail from April 4th, 2018. Presentation criteria and other details will be sent, as well, in that notification.
  • There is a limit of 3 abstracts per registration.
  • TITLE: 15 words maximum, in capitals letters.
  • AUTHOR’S NAME: main author/presenter must be included among the authors
  • AFFILIATIONS of the authors must be included.
  • KEYWORDS: 5 keywords maximum.
  • The abstract must contain 250 words maximum.
  • Figures, tables or references must not be included.

We remind that the abstract should be submitted using the following headings:


It is compulsory  to submit all abstracts through the website. Abstract sent by email, post or fax will not be accepted. All abstracts will be sent through the official website:

Please, check that once your abstract is sent, you receive an automatic email confirming your abstract has been submitted correctly. Please contact the technical secretariat in case you have not received this email:

  • The priority language is english. However, spanish will be also accepted.
  • Only standar abbreviation will be accepted. Every other abbreviation should be written in brackets the first time it appears in the text.
  • Please, check carefully your abstract before you send it.