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Instructions for poster
  1. Dimensions: the dimensions of the posters are 70 cm (wide) x 120 cm (high) (1 piece)
  2. Format: the poster in PDF Format will send to technical secretariat before April 27th
  3. Font sizes and Guidance: to ensure an easy reading, you will need to use font type "Arial", and we suggest the following font sizes for: Title (size 60-72), Authors (size 44-50), Affiliation (size 40-44), Summary of the Communication section headings (Introduction, Methods,…) in size 48-60 and development of each section in size 40-48.
  4. Content: the posters must include the full contents of the summary of the paper submitted and accepted. Also can be integrated, if necessary, tables, figures, and 2 or 3 references. The inclusion of these elements does not mean removing part of the text or reducing the font size.
  5. Structure:
    • Top: title, logos, authors and author affiliation.
    • Middle: content of communication.
  6. Language: posters will be presented mainly in english or spanish.
  7. Printing: posters will be printed by the congress
  8. Posters, in pdf format, together with the programme, speaker´s summaries and abstracts will be given in a memory stick to every person registered. The presentation of an abstract or speaker´s presentation means it´s authorization to include it in this publication.
  9. Spanish communications will be published in the Community Nutrition Spanish Journal. On the other hand, communications and speaker´s presentations written in english will be published in an International Journal.
  • The communications accepted as oral communications, will be notified by email on April 16th 2018. Presentation criteria and other details will be sent at the same time as this notification.
  • For oral presentation, you will have 5 minutes + 2 minutes for questions and comments.
  • In the Official Awards Ceremony 14 awards will be given in relation with the selected communications:
    • 2 awards of 600,00€ and Certificate to the best Global Communications ( best abstract, best poster and best oral communication)
    • 12 awards of 200,00€ and Certificate to the best Oral Communication and Poster.